Walt Whitman

Walt Whitman


Helping People Look Good


I guess most men and women don’t think they are attractive these days compared to the women in the magazines, T.V. or in their daily lives considering they put on a ton of makeup. Self Image and effects in the media are connected. Men and woman’s eating disorders have gotten out of control. I am guessing the cause of this is because of they feel self conscious or because they want to be real skinny for the camera. People that do give the makeovers are good at it though, they could make someone as ugly as me look like Brad Pitt or something like that if they wanted to.

Sand Witches

This is the more modern type of witch, sand witches. They patrol the beach and cast spells on you when you don’t even know it. Why is there so much sand in your pants? Now you know its probably a sand witch casting a spell. Much different than witches of the Puritan form, they are extremely mean and much more dangerous. Also, these witches are for real, unlike the people that Puritans called witches. They usually are in woman form. Stay away from these crazy people.

Race Sorting

I got 11 of 20 right, which is awful. It was extremely hard to tell who was who though. All I did was sort people on how they truly looked. Plus, I think one of the ones in the “HIspanic” section was a dirty liar, they looked whiter than I do, so… Anyway, it was a tough test and it taught me 2 things. The 1st thing is you cant base peoples background on how they look; the 2nd thing I learned is some pasty white people can be Hispanic.


Ima noob blogger, and I rike it!! I never used a blog for a classrom assignment before, and I don’t know if im gonna enjoy assignments or not, because rike I said I neva used a blog before.